Dio was born in July 2018. His sire, Diarado is one of the most popular, and highest-ranked, stallions in Germany - a sire who impresses with exemplary ease at the jump, superior scope, a willingness to perform that is second to none, manoeuvrability and intelligence    ... all attributes so necessary for today’s technical courses. Combined in his dam´s pedigree are Corrado I, Contender, Lord and Ramiro :  four top sires in one line !

Dio's dam, Depelaleen, carries the Heartbreaker line, adding another 2 top sires to the mix :  Quasimodo and Heartbreaker.

In 2019, with a Gold score of 8.325 in the Futurity evaluation, Dio was awarded the Certificate of Merit by "British Breeding" for being the best British Bred Show Jumping Yearling. 

He is a well put together youngster with a lot of power, both physically and mentally and is an exciting addition to the RYMARQUE family.

Dio's bloodlines combine 3 of the top 100 jumping stallions - 2019 ranking :

Diamant de Semilly - 2nd 

Diarado - 20th

Heartbreaker - 42nd

                                                                                                      LE TOT DE SEMILLY

                                                           DIAMANT DE SEMILLY      VENISE D CRES


                                                           ROZETTE I                         CORRADO I             

                                                                                                      KIMBERLY III  

N DIODORO                                                                                                 


                                                            QUASIMODO                    ST JARME


                                                            PELALEEN                         KARLSTAD     



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